Rules and Conditions

Define the rules for use of services, including check-in, stay and check-out of the animal at the hotel
(please have in mind that in case of any disputes Polish version of Rules and Conditions shall prevail)

  1. As for the following Rules and conditions it is understood that the Depositor is the owner of the cat or a person leaving the cat at the hotel or a person authorized by the owner.
  2. Any stay of a cat in KOTEL is connected to signing by the Depositor an Agreement („Agreement”), at the latest on the day of check-in.
  3. For the well being of Animals, the Depositor is obliged to accept Rules and conditions, to make possible the stay of his pet in KOTEL.
  4. In order to provide the highest quality of service for the animal the Depositor should file the inquiry form regarding the animal health condition, the animal temper, preferred activities and play, type of litter used, frequency of feeding and type of food used (“Questionnaire”).
  5. For proper implementation of services the Depositor should make available for KOTEL his phone number and e-mail address.
  1. We admit to KOTEL cats: spayed/ neutered, healthy, in generally good condition, with health record book indicating valid vaccination against infectious diseases or with confirmation from a vet regarding its health condition and vaccination, free of parasites, non aggressive towards people and preferably with trimmed claws and secured against external parasites when your cat is also an outdoor cat. The vaccination should be done at least 2 weeks before check-in to KOTEL. It is required to declare by the Depositor in the Agreement or to provide a veterinary confirmation that the cat is healthy and free of internal and external parasites.
  2. We check in and check out the cats only in the transportation containers.
  3. KOTEL allows possibility to admit a cat during veterinary treatment or dietary supplementation upon prior providing KOTEL in the Questionnaire with the detailed instructions on dosage and providing KOTEL with the necessary amount of the drug /supplement and accepting the price for administering. Additionally the Depositor shall be obliged, for the animal welfare, to provide KOTEL with the contact details to the veterinary doctor treating the cat.
  1. KOTEL reserves the right to deny admittance of the cat based on lack of available rooms, for period shorter than 3 days and without explanation, in particular in case the cat appears to be suffering from an infectious disease, the cat is in bad condition for example is too weak, if in KOTEL’s opinion the stay in hotel may cause too much stress, if the cat lacks the valid vaccinations etc.
  1. Check-in and check-out is possible 7 days a week except for public holidays (for example Christmas, New Year, Easter, 1st of May, All Saints Day) as follows: Monday – Friday 10:00 to 12.00 and 17.00 to 19:00; Saturday 10.00 to 12.00 and Sunday 17.00 to 19.00 subject to prior arrangements. Hotel night in KOTEL is flexible and starts at the day of check-in, irrespectively of the exact hour, and lasts until 19.00 of the last day of stay. In extraordinary circumstances upon prior notice KOTEL allows possibility to check-in and -out in the hours other than above mentioned.
  2. Transportation of a cat to and from KOTEL should be arranged by the Depositor on his own. If agreed individually transportation may be provided by KOTEL, subject to additional charges added to the total price of stay of a cat in KOTEL.
  1. The price of hotel night in KOTEL is published in KOTEL website in section „How much”.
  2. The Depositor books online the stay according to preferred stay option, with use of the online form available on KOTEL website, indicating planned dates of check-in and -out and the amount of cats to be delivered. KOTEL confirms booking after receiving 50% of payment. The payment is possible at KOTEL or as wire transfer to the bank account. Only a booking confirmed by KOTEL is binding.
  3. In case of cancellation of booking by the Depositor at the latest 30 days before the scheduled check-in to KOTEL, the whole paid amount is refundable. In other cases, after confirmation of booking details by KOTEL, in high season in particular, no payments are refundable unless otherwise agreed with KOTEL.
  4. The second half of payment for stay in KOTEL is payable upon check-in.
  5. In case of necessity to prolong a stay in KOTEL, 100% of price due for the extra nights is payable on the day of check-out. KOTEL reserves the right to deny to return the cat in case of lack of payment for the whole its stay in KOTEL.
  6. The stay in KOTEL may be extended only upon KOTEL’s consent and after signing a new Agreement or at least after a prior written confirmation via e-mail between KOTEL and the Depositor.
  7. A shorter stay than primarily agreed in agreement does not result in decrease of agreed payments.
  8. In case of booking for less than 4 nights KOTEL shall charge additional fee for room defined in the price list per each night.
  9. In case of cancellation of the booking by KOTEL all paid amounts are refundable.
  1. KOTEL provides within stay:
    • complex care, playing, petting, carrying, with nursing like grooming, trimming claws, cleaning ears and eyes, in certain circumstances bathing etc. agreed individually with the Depositor,
    • separate fully equipped, spacious and comfortable rooms, with the space approx. 4 sqm with access to secured window or terrace, with shelves and ladders, comfortable pillows, bowls, litter bin, scratching posts and toys, access to fresh water,
    • litter type currently used by cat, based on information included in Questionnaire, included in the room price,
    • cleaning the room, litter bin, everyday litter exchange,
    • daily routine well-fitted to cat habits – according to the information provided by the Depositor in Questionnaire,
    • no direct contacts between hotel guests, for the safety of animals, unless it is justified, beneficial and safe for cats,
    • disinfection of the room and equipment before admittance of a new guest.
  2. The Depositor provides his own cat food in the amount adequate to the stay period and cat’s needs. Any remaining food shall be returned to the Depositor upon check-out. In case the amount of food delivered to KOTEL shall not be sufficient, KOTEL shall provide the lacking amounts on the Depositor’s expense.
  3. Each hotel room is dedicated for one cat, however upon the Depositor’s consent it is possible to place max. two cats belonging to one Depositor, provided that both cats tolerate each other. In case the Depositor needs to leave three or more cats, he shall be obliged to pay additional fees for the second and another room according to the price list published on KOTEL website in section „How much”. KOTEL shall do its best to place the animals in the next-door rooms with wall-doors so the cats may remain permanent contact.
  1. It is welcome to deliver to KOTEL cat’s favorite toys, blanket and other things. KOTEL declares to do its best to keep the things delivered by the Depositor in good condition, however one should take in mind, that we do not take responsibility for the things left with the cat in KOTEL.
  1. KOTEL does not take responsibility for illnesses started due to lack of vaccination or unreliable information provided by the Depositor in Questionnaire.
  2. KOTEL declares to utilize adequate safety means, agreed with the Depositor and to make all necessary effort to ensure that every animal remains healthy and safe during its stay, however the Depositor should be aware and accept that:
    • animals, especially during play, may get injured or hurt,
    • strong stress on the animal resulting from a new situation may cause a sickness or deterioration of the previous health condition.
    The Depositor shall not make claims in respect to the above mentioned injuries and sicknesses.
  3. In case of necessity to provide veterinary care during the stay in KOTEL, which could not be anticipated upon Agreement execution, (i.e. in case of injury, deterioration of health condition or sickness), we provide a visit in Veterinary Clinic Agouti for Cats in Krakow (VD Monika Kuszyńska) or in the clinic indicated by the Depositor in Questionnaire, as well as other available clinic, subject to current circumstances. Costs of the visit, transportation to the clinic are described in the section „How much” on KOTEL’s website, and those costs shall be covered by the Depositor.
  4. The Depositor agrees that KOTEL in respect to the animal well-being in justified cases may administer anti parasite treatment and other preventive treatments, including application of dietary supplements increasing immunity, after prior notice to the Depositor. Simultaneously the Depositor declares to cover expenses of those treatments.
  1. KOTEL Magdalena Knapik with its registered seat in Krakow, ul. Tyrczanka 4 (30-798), NIP: 6791428736, REGON: 382111120, e-mail:, phone no. 605-55-35-34 is administrating personal data of the Depositor.
  2. The Depositor’s personal data may be utilized to execute the Agreement, as well as for the completion of previously signed agreements on services provided by KOTEL
  3. Processing of personal data is subject to articles: art. 6 point 1 letter a RODO; art. 6 point 1 letter b RODO; art. 6 point 1 letter c RODO; art. 6 point 1 letter f RODO.
  4. The Depositor’s personal data may be shared with the co-operating entities (for example veterinary) in the scope required to execute goals resulting from the Agreement.
  5. W przypadku danych osobowych Powierzającego, przetwarzanych w celu niezbędnym do wykonania Umowy, której Powierzający jest stroną, informujemy, że będą one przetwarzane przez okres, w którym mogą ujawnić się roszczenia związane z Umową wynikające z przepisów kodeksu cywilnego.
  6. The Depositor has the right to access his data, alter, delete and limit of processing, transfer, as well as to report a protest at any time. In order to execute those rights please contact us by e-mail or traditional mail to KOTEL’s address.
  7. The Depositor has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body.
  8. Providing of the personal data is required in order to execute the Agreement and denial to provide the data shall make execution and fulfillment of the Agreement impossible
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