Guarantees and obligations for cats in Kotel

When you decide to leave your cat at our hotel...

kot przed pobytem w hotelu

When getting to an unfamiliar place, adaptation may take a few or even a dozen days. That is why it is important not to change the routine and habits of your cat if possible. 

When you decide to leave your cat at our hotel you will fill in a questionnaire in which you will inform us: what your cat eats, at what times, which litter is its favorite, what kind of toys it prefers, if it enjoys company, if it enjoys grooming, if it prefers to sit on lap or at windowsill, if it has allergies or fear of something, etc. And this all in order to adjust its stay to its current habits. It will make it easier to your cat as well as to you.    

kot przed pobytem w hotelu

Your cat will stay in a single room with a window and a radiator in winter time, with a care of veterinary technician / behaviorist, with safety and all it might need. I believe that leaving the cat with us means adjusting our service to cat’s needs and not the other way round. For that reason we do not change cat’s food or litter and the basic times of feeding and other activities. We spend time on playing, petting, grooming if needed – and all this included in the price of the stay.

Maja i Stefan, koty w hotelu dla kotów Kotel

If you have more cats, we will accommodate them together if they are good friends. Living together does not necessarily mean friendship in cats’ world. 

Safe cat hotel...

We do not allow contacts between our guests, unless we see it is safe and beneficial for cats.  

We admit and return all cats in good condition, if however something goes wrong… We need to take under consideration that despite of all the effort your cat might be under stress which might cause various conditions. We provide veterinary visits at your vet clinic when needed or at Agouti clinic of our friend veterinary Monika Kuszyńska. All expenses connected to the visit and treatment are covered by the owner. 

For your comfort we keep you posted regarding your cat’s mood – we text you and send photos. We keep in constant touch.