The cost of stay at our hotel

How much...

Room for 1-2 cats

45 DAY
  • Fee for second cat in room: 10 zł *
  • Fee for stay shorter than 4 days: 10 zł per day
  • Comfortable (4 sqm) and fully equipped separate room with window
  • Litter included in the price
  • Food not provided by Kotel
  • Always fresh water
  • Care of veterinary technician/behaviorist
  • Play
  • Safety
  • Daily routine possibly close to the cat's habits

Price for the declared stay is payable by half: after booking and upon cat check-in at the hotel. 

* we allow max two cats to one room, for more cats you need to book more rooms (we provide connected next door rooms).

Emergency vet consultation

According to veterinary clinic price list.
The owner covers the cost of home visit or in the clinic, transportation costs 2 zł per km and the cost of treatment.


Additional services not included in the stay price list (for example medicine application): to be agreed individually.

Our transportation to / from Kotel 2 zł per km (according to GPS)