At a hotel or at home?

Are you this kind of cat lover, who will do a lot to provide your cat with safe, prosperous and interesting life? You meet all its needs and your cat repays in its very own way?

And when it is time for your well-earned holidays you face a dilemma: either I provide my cat with a visiting petsitter or I look for a pair of good hands outside my home to take care of my cat when I am away?

I do not know what decision you make and what would be the best for your cat. However if you are looking for a pair of good hands – this is the right place.

The main goal of our hotel is to arrange your cat’s stay in a way which should reduce stress connected to separation from you and its home. Stress is hard to avoid because cats do not appreciate changes, but we do know how to turn a stay at our hotel into a positive experience.

Not only a „cat mum”…

I know pretty much about cats as a pet behaviorist and a veterinary technician, as well as a long time companion of my own cats Grino, Tycia, Ryfka and Rina.




Why a cat hotel?

As a cat owner I decided to open a professional cat hotel because I believe that both cats and their owners need such a place. So here it is at Tyrczanka 4 in Krakow – feel free to see our photo gallery in section “rooms” and to find out the details of our offer in other sections.

I take this hotel pretty seriously. Ko­tel was designed for cats.
Dear cat lover, your CAT shall be our client and you will be an honorable sponsor of its well-being.